We are recommending the use of Live Traffic NSW

Thursday, August 19 2021

MyRoadInfo is recommending all local government areas currently using MyRoadInfo switch to the Live Traffic NSW service.  

Live Traffic NSW is provided by Transport for NSW and is a combined source of information for State Roads, Local Roads and includes feeds from the Rural Fire Service and neighbouring states. 

Our current plans are: 

  • The MyRoadInfo website will be sunset soon and redirected to the Live Traffic NSW website (
  • Our iOS and Android apps are to be removed from their respective app stores and no longer supported.
  • Please download and use Live Traffic NSW mobile apps, as they now include a local council information layer, which includes data from MyRoadInfo member councils.  

The benefits of Live Traffic: 

  • Live Traffic NSW now displays local road information from council data feeds. Any information that was provided by MyRoadInfo will be available on the Live Traffic NSW system.
  • The Live Traffic NSW system is designed to support the high traffic load during extreme weather events. This will ensure that the system will continue to run smoothly during emergencies.
  • Live Traffic NSW continues to invest in adding new features and functionality. 

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the MyRoadInfo system over the last several years.   

For the latest traffic information, download Live Traffic NSW for iOS and Android or visit